Nats vs Brewers In-Game 8/23/15 Game #123

The Nats enter the Sunday 1:35pm game with a 61-61 record.  Wisconsin native Jordan Zimmermann will toe the rubber vs. the team from Wisconsin and their starter Matt Garza and his 4.98 ERA.  The Brewers W/L record dropped yesterday to 53-71 and the Nats will try to push the Brewers deeper into despair on their way out of Washington.

If you’re outside of the MASN and FSWI region, you can watch the game on MLB TV today for Free.

It might be a good game to sit Yunel Escobar if you believe in small sample sizes as he is a career 1-10 vs Garza, however none of the Nats infield has hit Garza well except for Ryan Zimmerman.  Jayson Werth has some good numbers vs Garza over multiple showdowns as JDub is 7-16 with a .500 OBP and a 1.188 OPS.

Clint Robinson faced Garza in June and is 2-3 with a HR.   You might remember it was the 1st HR of Clint’s career.

Not sure how you get Jayson Werth, Ryan Zimmerman and Clint Robinson all into the starting lineup.  We should see shortly as the lineup is due out.

UPDATE:  No Escobar in the starting line-up.

  1. Jayson Werth LF
  2. Anthony Rendon 3B
  3. Bryce Harper RF
  4. Ryan Zimmerman 1B
  5. Ian Desmond SS
  6. Danny Espinosa 2B
  7. Wilson Ramos C
  8. Michael A. Taylor CF
  9. Jordan Zimmermann P

Garza throws mostly a 4-seam fastball at about 93 mph and his slow curve in the low 70’s as his primary pitches.  When he needs it he will work in a few sinkers, sliders, and changeups.  When Garza pitched earlier for the Rays and Cubs he was always considered a top of the rotation pitcher.  These days Garza has struggled with command and has been pulled before he could complete the 6th inning in 8 of his 23 starts.

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  • Yo peeps…. spent the weekend at the park. After Friday’s debacle, I said enough is enough. Time for me to go and support….

    And I did. Great to see Anthony break out. And man did the bats wake up. Need the Rockies go help… frickin waste man…

    Normally I hate off days but definitely think the boys need one. Hopefully the Mets next opponent can do its job…

    • Gonats

      You saw some great games. The off day is much needed and theres plenty of guys who need to rest some of those aches and pains.

      The Mets are playing over there heads and will have another losing steak. They are due for that.

  • FWIW… I hate reading from the bottom up…

    • I think if you hang out for a while you will get used to it. The comment button at the bottom takes some getting used to.

      • Will that be changed any time soon?

        Doesn’t work well on a mobile and trying to post and then go down up/down.

        • We have to get into a self hosted site that will need to be programmed. Of course my naivete thought this could be done soon and it takes some time.

          • manassasnatsfan

            Most recent comment on top is fine. If thenew comment for typing purpose is also on top. But having one on top the other on the bottom is not fun.

            On the good side I see no report button. That is great.

    • Section 222

      I’m with you unky. It may be better if you’re participating in a discussion, and have read most of the comments already, but if you come in cold and try to follow what’s been said, it’s hopeless.

      • I like commenting to wherever the comment box is. If its on top i wamt newest on top amd if its on the bottom i want newest on the bottom.

  • Almost within minutes the Orioles, Dodgers and Red Sox all blew 9th inning saves.

  • I’m just upset that MATs HR streak ended at 3 games.

    • manassasnatsfan

      He was swinging for the fences

      • nats128

        He had just talked about staying “quiet” in the batters box and today he ditched that and went for the fences and had a poor game.

  • BREAKING NEWS: Jayson Werth will finish the game above the Mendoza line at .202

    Good job by Jayson working the counts today.

  • manassasnatsfan

    This always worries me when we end a fame with three bad innings of batting.

    Need to step on the throat and not move your foot.

  • manassasnatsfan

    Jeremy Jeffries hit the longest ball I have ever seen a high school player hit. A 3 run homer he was intentionally walked the rest if the game as Osbourn beat Halifax County in a regional semifinal 11-3. He had pitched a no hitter the day before.

    • Gonats

      Is that right. I remember him as a pitcher who was wild with his control.

      • manassasnatsfan

        His senior year in high school he was 11-0 0.60 ERA or natpybe it was 0/61.

        His team made it the regional semifinals at 12-10. When he didn’t start they were 1-10

        Great shortstop too.

        • He had big Velo back then. How many kids swung with their eyes closed.

          • manassasnatsfan

            I am guessing most.

  • Gonats

    Time to get Trea Turner in there.

    • manassasnatsfan

      To easy to do.

  • manassasnatsfan

    Thanks Segura. Looked like Rick Ankiel swinging at one above your head.

    • LMAO, that brought back shivers when you said that!

      • manassasnatsfan

        Any pitch over the plate that was a fastball was in swing territory. Be in the ground or 6 feet up. True?

  • Happy to see the new Tony 2 Bags becoming Tony 4 Bags. All it took was changing his “walkup” music 😉

  • manassasnatsfan

    Drew I see continues to give them away.

    What happened to the 1.57 ERA

    • Definitely not helping his statline. Every 1 Earned run he gives up is 9.00 for that particular game.

  • Welcome to the game Drew. Are you kidding me. What is wrong with him.

    • manassasnatsfan

      He told FP he was over worked. Are you kidding me?

  • manassasnatsfan

    Then CRob take a fast ball over the muddle. It must be the time of day, I see no reason to take a fast ball strike and not swing, and just walk to the dugout.

  • manassasnatsfan

    When the ball is over the plate why are you running to first?

    • Werth, RZ and Taylor all did that. No clue.

      • manassasnatsfan

        I am not an ump fan, but that would kiss NE off. And today none were called wrong that they took off on. At least only do it on one way wrong. In this case they all seemed right.

  • Is it Drew for the 8th?

  • manassasnatsfan

    A couple more runs please.

  • Gonats
  • manassasnatsfan

    Please don’t shut the hitters down. The game plan remember only swing at fast balls until strike 2

  • manassasnatsfan

    Good job Everyday Felipe.

    Everyday Eddie had a great slider and good fast ball

    I hope Felipe keeps this up.

  • manassasnatsfan

    MW let him pitch 116 pitches. Next game if he screws up they will blame this pitch count.

    He kept us in the game, but pitched way to many pitches for 17 outs.

    • I agree and thinking that he needed to be pulled at 105 or so.

      • manassasnatsfan

        105 was my number too.

  • Bryce knows he should have had that ball.

    • manassasnatsfan

      Bad angle, but that ball must have had a lot of back spin.

      • You are correct. Balls are carrying much further than on normal games. Bryce thought he would cut that off and catch it and it carried an extra 10 feet.

        If JZim got through that start only giving up 3 in 6 innings it would have been a good start after the way he started with that 2 run shot by Lucroy.

        This is my point on Fister. His W/L record was not good but if he got big run support it could have made him look a little better as JZim gave up 4 runs in 5 2/3 which is a poor day statistically speaking and JZim is in line for a W which shows why that W/L stat should be given little thought in many cases. His ERA is over 2.25 runs per game worse than last year which speaks for itself how he went from great to being demoted.

  • manassasnatsfan

    Is Rivero going to become modern day Eddie Guarderro? His nickname was Everyday Eddie. A lefty who pitches simikaryly to Rivero.

    • manassasnatsfan

      FP took my line he owes NE a drink. Calling him every day Felipe.

      Which one if you is FP.

    • rayvil01

      I remember the hit piece that Mike Wise wrote when they sent Drew down. Poor, poor, pitiful Drew. And Clippard was chirping about how they were screwing poor Drew. What it did was revive his career. Sometimes it’s the best move. I really think that Roark would have benefited from a stint down there.

      • Mike Wise spent too much time writing sap to get clicks and it worked for a while.

        Drew earned that demotion and so did Treinen. It’s not always a bad thing unless you make it that way. Treinen has the stuff but just never seemed to have focus to me. Now he’s returned with an edge and focus. He walked Lucroy last night but got Braun for the 3rd out. It was good to see.

  • manassasnatsfan

    Rafael Martin 6 saves in last 10 apoearances. In the other 4 any blown saves?

  • manassasnatsfan

    To many 3 ball counts

  • I haven’t seen the ball flying like it is today. Day game flying!

  • manassasnatsfan

    See you later part 2

  • So much for Evil Knebel not allowing an inherited runner to score.

    • All it took was Carp to jinx him after he said he was 6 for 6 in not allowing inherited runners to score. Talk about small sample sizes.

  • Honestly? Every time I see Counsell on the dugout steps, I think it’s a bat boy…
    So… do we think Ramos has found his swing…?

  • Ramos crushed that. Would be nice to see him get back to a RBI pace like he was on in April.

    • manassasnatsfan

      When he takes middle cut and outer pitches the other way he huts great. When he tries to pull those pitches they are grounders to shirt. The question why he has stretches he pulls the ball. That is what the coach is there to solve.

  • manassasnatsfan

    OK JZim bunt him successfully over.

    • manassasnatsfan

      Now Werth make them pay for the walk.

  • manassasnatsfan

    See you later

  • manassasnatsfan

    94 pitches in 5 innings. Not a very efficient pitching effort but better than Garza.

  • manassasnatsfan

    Gennett had center cutting that pitch.

    • I don’t think so. Looked like a inside pitch that Gennett caught.

      • manassasnatsfan

        I meant he got the center of the bat on it. Was in the inner portion.

        • Oh he did. Reminded me of the one Duda hit inside and he jerked it out. It happens. Wasn’t a bad pitch.

  • That ball is carrying. I thought Bryce carries that near the warning track.

  • manassasnatsfan

    OK Desi it was a fastball you hit. Wasted base runners. Now 6 LOB already.

  • Gonats

    Desi had a chance for the knockout punch. Just got under that.

    • manassasnatsfan

      It was a slow fastball that he should have been able to cenypter it.

  • manassasnatsfan

    As I said last time. He could hit. 500 just hitting there 10 at bats a week.

    • Maybe he starts to think your way. Take some doubles like that

      • manassasnatsfan

        However the batters behind him must get him in.

  • manassasnatsfan

    As slow as Garza’s fastball is, hard to believe a professional hitter would miss a fastball from him.

  • rayvil01

    Please tell me I wasn’t the only one having “Flande Flashbacks” when Garza came to bat. =)

    • I saw the .059 BA and was worrying.

    • I will look to see if JZim laid it in there like Scherzer. In the 2nd hit that Flande had it was over the plate.

    • How did you like Bryce’s pitching wedge there on a bump and run……….


      • rayvil01

        Why more guys don’t learn to make teams pay for the shift is beyond me. I know it’s not easy. But, it can be learned.

        • If you shorten up. LaRoche tried it a couple of times last year. Not enough.

          • rayvil01

            I was at a few games where ALR had the entire left side of the infield open. He could have check-swung a double. How you can leave a cookie sitting out there like that without pursuing it is beyond me.

            • If he had the bat control to do that often think of how well he could hit because they’d be forced to abandon the shift and move the guy out of short leftfield.

  • manassasnatsfan

    Tack on a few more.

    • Hard to believe Garza is still out there. Big mistake not to pinch hit for him and there was no reliever for them.

      • manassasnatsfan


  • Credit to MW and McCatty to walk the #8 batter to get the pitcher. Poor managing by Counsell. He didn’t think ahead to get a reliever ready so he could pinch hit for Garza.

    • Nice to see other managers screw up.

    • manassasnatsfan

      We have seen to many number 8 batters with hits

      • You play the odds and MW hasn’t done that enough. I liked the move to walk the 8 man and face a pitcher who couldn’t come close on JZim in the 1st at-bat.

  • Yell to JZim and tell him he has time on Segura. He rushed that throw.

    • manassasnatsfan

      I am guessing Desi and Espi bit followed the ball. Ramos and Rendon might have yelled.

      • Communication is key. JZim knew it was a fast runner and rushed it. Segura wasn’t far up the line. Not sure why.

  • manassasnatsfan

    JZim rushed that whole play. A good throw he is out by 2 steps as Sugura spun his wheels in the batter’s box

    • Gonats

      No doubt and wonder if anyone was communicating from behind JZ to tell him he had plenty of time on the runner.

  • I will have to check but that might be the fastest slider JZim has ever thrown in a start.

  • manassasnatsfan

    I foresaw the Sun Monster there, but ESPI overcame it.

  • Gonats

    Lind gets weak contact and hits it where I thought Espi should be standing. A K or doubleplay would sure be nice.

  • manassasnatsfan

    MAT fastball over the plate you rake, slider nowhere close if course we must swing. Study the game plan please.

    OK JZim a shut down inning now that you have the lead.

    • You know how MAT has been talking about approach. He was swinging for 600 foot HR there and caught nothin but air.

      • manassasnatsfan

        A solid single scores a run.

    • manassasnatsfan

      MAT helped keep him another inning first a double play and then striking out on bad pitches.

      When he hits fastballs he hits it hard, but when chasing off speed pitches he us very poor.

  • I have waited so long for the Nats to knockout a pitcher early and they have a chance with Garza. Keep it going.

    • Unfortunately MAT expanded his zone with that K.

      So close to finishing off Garza.

      • manassasnatsfan

        As hitters it is our biggest weakness, we swing at a lot if sliders low and away.

  • Gonats

    Espi gets that center cut mistake pitches!!!!

    • manassasnatsfan

      Hit mistakes like teams do to us.

    • abqnatsfan

      Espinosa has really contributed this year. That was a big hit we needed. Bases loaded for naught would have been a waste of an inning that was building.

      • manassasnatsfan

        If you look at my list on the other thread of solid contributors he is one if the 6.

      • It sure was and broke open the game for the Nats.

  • manassasnatsfan

    That is moving the line Espi

  • manassasnatsfan

    A bounce goes our way. OK Espi keep the line moving.

  • Gonats

    Love redemption! Desi skies the highest bouncer I’ve ever seen off the plate.

  • Come on ump. That 2nd pitch to Desi was not a strike. Changes the whole at bat now

  • Last year Desi led the Majors in bases loaded efficiency.

    Just saying.

  • manassasnatsfan

    Desi they wanted to pitch to you, prove them wrong.

  • Gonats

    I like that Bryce finally exploited that shift! That’s how you make them pay!

    • That was nice. Bryce has to do that more often to get teams to not cheat to his pull side on him.

    • manassasnatsfan

      Do that 5 times a week they either straighten up or you increase it 10 times and bat. 400

      • Make them pay is how I feel about that. Bunt if you can.

  • manassasnatsfan

    He could have a double every at bat just like that. That us given to him every at bat.

  • manassasnatsfan

    OK Harper don’t swing at junk. Clobber his fastball.

  • manassasnatsfan

    The last 2 strikes to Werth are in lower quandrent but right over the muddle if the plate. You got to hit those pitches.

  • If MAT doesnt hit into a doubleplay JZ bats last inning. Hate when Nats pitchers lead off innings.

  • Can I quote Bob Carpenter:

    “He just jacked one off”

  • Gonats

    Good inning by JZ. I thought he had Braun K’d on the 3-1 pitch which was filthy. Looks like he got his breaking pitches going now.

    Time for the Nats hitters to get going on Garza.

  • Good at-bat by Ramos.

    • Unfortunate tailor made doubleplay by Taylor who doesnt hit into many.

      • manassasnatsfan

        Taylor swung at breaking ball on a 2-0 count. One unless it’s deposited over the fence you take.

        It wasn’t hit hard so though location was tailor made, I assumed he would safe as slow as it was hit.

    • manassasnatsfan

      He has six weeks to salvage a poor season.

      • He had a good April and May. Just a horrible July and beginning of August. Ramos is still #19 in the Majors in total catcher ranking.

        That’s not great but certainly not as bad as some make him out to be as most catchers just aren’t premiere offensive weapons.

  • manassasnatsfan

    Suggestion. This guys fastball is hittable. If it isn’t fastball don’t bother swinging.

  • Garza throws a high fastball to Espinosa and he stabs at it for a bunt to put himself in a 0-1 hole then looks at a fastball down the middle then whiffs on the curveball.

    What are you thinking Danny. Know your scouting report. Garzas fastball is BP today.

    • That is a shake the head at-bat

    • manassasnatsfan

      This is why I question how committed Schu is to coaching. Obviously is fastball hittable, where here is breaking ball isn’t.

      Ambush it.

      Absolutely don’t swing a breaking ball unless 2 strikes.

      MAT just had a 2-0 count then swings at a breaking ball for a double play.

      If there is a game plan, then do it. I never see Schu coaching during the game (which is standard for to many teams) if you are a coach, coach. Don’t sit on your thumbs.

      • nats128

        Espi some times makes poor decisions. Why would you offer at that pitch for a bunt. Not smart and its on the batter.

  • manassasnatsfan

    Better inning for JZim nice duck on the Segurra hit.

  • 2 long innings for JZim.

    Nats need to work Garza.

    • Gonats

      JZ throwing lots of fastballs and very few sliders. I don’t think he has his feel for his breaking pitches right now.

      He needs to put it all together. Nats need this.

  • Gonats

    Needed that K on Herrera. Thank you very much.

  • manassasnatsfan

    Cone on Desi strike three was right where strike 1 was. Don’t take strike 3 for a third out with a man in scoring position.

    That is not a productive effort at all.

    If you swing ar pt least have a chance. If you have doubt’s if it is a strike, stick the bat and flick it foul line Luke Poking was an expert at.

  • Nats have to capitalize on mistake pitches. Desi on that 5th pitch had a dead red mistake pitch center cut. Hit that to tater town.

    • manassasnatsfan

      Sane pitch Zim doubled.

  • RZim actually hit that bat off the end of his barrel. Hit that a long way. Tells you how the ball is traveling today in Nats Park.

    • manassasnatsfan

      Garza throwing bp fastballs we should crush every batter.

  • Rendon does a great job with a productive out behind the runner to move Werth to 3rd and Bryce K’s but luckily RZim picks up Bryce.

    Great job Werth, Tony and RZim.

  • manassasnatsfan

    Harper swung at 2 terrible pitches in that at bat .

    RZim bails him out.

    • manassasnatsfan

      Sad part that was about the same pitch Lucroy homered.

      • You’re right but that pitch to Desi was a BP fastball that missed location on the 3-1 pitch.

  • I put the reverse on JWerth today which is why he hit that double.

  • manassasnatsfan

    From the moment I walked from car Gannett had a 2 strike strike count to where I got to my seat and I see Harper throwing out Braun , JZim already gave up 3 hard hits.

    A very discouraging start.

    Apparently JZim wasn’t quite ready to start. Needed 10 more warm ups as he had no problems with the last 2 batters.

    • How many times has the Nats scored in the 1st and been shutout the rest of the way. JZ can shut down the Brewers.

      • manassasnatsfan

        Er have seen that way too many times. Let’s hope JZim does the same to the Brewers.

  • Settle down JZim. It happens.

    • Settle down he did. Big mistake location to Lucroy.

      • manassasnatsfan

        Our strong pitchers gave had way to many of those for strong pitchers.

  • If you blinked you missed why the score is 2-0. Luckily for Bryce’s arm or else Braun would be standing on 2nd with a double. 1 out

  • zmunchkin

    FYI – I fixed the Jump to Comments Box link. The HTML had an extra set of (the wrong kind of) quotes.

  • rayvil01

    MAT is one of the most intriguing situations on the team. He has started to really bloom here lately. I would guess that’s the result of daily play for months. That allowed him to see MLB pitching to where the game is now slowing down for him. He’s even starting to get some walks. How hard is it going to be to sit him down when Span shows back up?

    • It is going to be and should be very hard to sit MAT down when Span comes back. That’s when Werth has to rest more.

  • Denard Span playing today for Harrisburg will be the DH and Uggla playing 2nd base.

    The Harrisburg Senators have been eating well courtesy of Span and Uggla. Does David Carpenter have to buy a meal?

  • I will be your moderator for today’s in-game!

    Will update with any significant news.

  • It would be nice to bring up MdD given the state of the bench…every little edge could help but hands are tied with Fister

    • It’s creeping to roster expansion with a short bench.

      • yes, it seems that every little bit will help and why not do what you need to do until you can do what you want to do…I guess their hands are tied and it wouldn’t be worth the bad karma to send Roark down

        • I’m only guessing that Rizzo and MW called Fister in about the hangnail 😉 and Fister refused to go on the DL.

          This team will finally get the 4th legit outfielder this week when Span comes back and MAT and Werth share the playing time.

          Who goes where when Span comes back? Turner or a pitcher?

  • I can see Werth has great numbers vs Garza but with the game in hand last night if you already knew you were going to play Werth today, why not get him off his feet early last night.

    Even Barry Bonds at 36 years old wasn’t playing in day games after night games no matter who the pitcher was.

    Just my 2 cents.

    • rayvil01

      I’m getting the impression that Werth has gone to MW and wants in every day. He’s going to lead by doing. I’m not saying it’s smart. But, that’s my impression.

      This bench configuration doesn’t help. CRob is a bit of a panic in left field. You could put Espinosa out there and put Turner at 2B. But, that’s a bit off the beaten path.

      • Matt Williams always talks abit being Barry
        You’re most likely right on Werth and certainly on the bench configuration.

        Bonds teammate, doesn’t he remember Bonds took rest days on day games after night games.

        Bonds didn’t beg to get in as he knew the bigger picture.

        • A history lesson that in 2001 as Barry Bonds was going for the HR record he was 36 years old and taking set days off. Bonds didn’t start 15 games that season and the most important stat is that there were 17 games where Bonds was pulled early to sit a few innings early. Matt Williams should know better that there are games where you can rest the veterans.

          • rayvil01

            It could be MW got a win with this formula last night and simply wants to repeat it. That happens a lot in sports. Something works, don’t mess with it.

            • nats128

              Sure does work that way with a win. My point is even a Manager like Dusty Baker who was also a former ballplayer got it. Bonds had the “Clear” and still got rest without a banged up wrist and shoulder.

              What dont we get here. Werth could have sat a couple innings and got off his feet if MW thought there was any chance Werth was going to play on Sunday.

              Think ahead MW. Thats my main criticism of him is that I dont think he looks ahead enough. Little things add up to big things.

              Theres reasons why Scherzer fell off the cliff since the All Star break. Scherzer didnt forget how to pitch all of a sudden. Is it on Scherzer, Mccatty or MW or someone or something else.

              That gets me fired up.

              All I have to say is Werth better get some hits today and play well.