Trea Turner speeding at 22.188 mph. Just unreal!

Trea Turner made his debut and got to do something that Wilmer Difo never did for the Nats which was play the field.  Turner was inserted at shortstop (not 2nd base) in a “double switch” and replace Ian Desmond.  In his 1st MLB game, Trea grounded out twice making his 1st grounder a sprint that most Nats fans thought he beat out for a single, but the ump called him out and on a video review challenge initiated by Matt Williams, the call  wasn’t overturned due to no conclusive video evidence to overturn.  It was certainly bang-bang, and based on what we saw thought the ump should have called him safe on the initial call.

What we  know is Turner will make an impact with that speed like we’ve seen with Billy Hamilton.  This is a glimpse into the future.  Turner also turned a doubleplay, and also showed his ability to spit sunflower seeds which is a must. Hopefully we will get to see his gap power, and watch him steal some bases.

Trea Turner after the game said, “Wasn’t that nervous, but at same time I felt like I was doing some uncharacteristic things. I felt like I couldn’t control my body”

Trea Turner was clocked at a top speed going 22.188 mph down to 1st base.  Joe Seamhead was on top of it declaring that his 80 speed rating which is the tops on the rating system was probably Top 5 in the Majors and maybe Top 3.  I knew Billy Hamilton was the fastest MLB player, and was thinking maybe Dyson.  Turns out it’s just Trea and Billy in a group of 2.


In the dreaming portion of players of the past, Billy Burns is in my Top 5 fastest MLBers, and at one time was in the Washington Nationals system and was traded for Jerry Blevins to the A’s, and you have to wonder what could have been with all that speed.  Wilmer Difo and Michael Taylor have 20+mph speed which certainly will be nice grouped with Trea Turner for the future to get the Nats back to driving pitchers and catchers and infielders crazy with the threat of stealing bases and beating out routine grounders.



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