SB Nation Hits Hard on 2016 Nats

SB Nation wrote about the Nats and it’s not flattering.  Read the comments on JDub and RZim and even Anthony Rendon.

Excerpt: Time traveler: Jayson Werth will be one of the worst players in either league, Doug Fister is going to pitch his way out of the rotation and Stephen Strasburg is going to be an injury-riddled mess.”

Nobody knows what the future holds.  SB Nation gives their thoughts.

Health is a main factor to success and I think any lineup with a healthy Bryce Harper and Rendon are 2/8ths of making a great line-up.

The other 6/8ths and replacing Span and Desi and JZim are the rest of the story.

Where does Trea Turner fit into the Nats 2016 plans is also a question to be answered as to whether he is the presumptive Opening Day shortstop or the Nats go “Kris Bryant” on him and hold him in AAA until the end of April 2016.

2015 hasn’t even ended and here the media is smacking us with this!

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