Bob Davids Chapter of Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) meeting

These summaries are transcribed from my notes, so none should be taken as verbatim quotes. Somehow in the Q & A every speaker was asked about replay and the possible pitch clock, and most of them were asked about the free agency/Cold Stove/Labor Relations. Although there wasn’t a perfect consensus, the general sentiment was “replay is necessary, but not at a level beyond human observation (i.e. momentary loss of contact with the bag), and that a pitch clock wasn’t going to solve the problem of games going ‘too long’ for some people.” On the issue of the current state of affairs, there was some support for a salary floor as well as some changes to the CBA, because the current state of affairs didn’t seem sustainable. Continue reading

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The 2018 visitor’s guide to Spring Training in West Palm Beach (for Nats fans)

 Ballpark Palm Beaches

Instead of reproducing last year’s local guide of restaurants, hotels, golf courses, sightseeing, etc., for Spring Training in West Palm Beach in its totality, we opted to build on it with a few new flavors in places to eat and visit. Most of last year’s list is still going strong and worth checking out. Rocco’s Tacos seemed to be the winner of the most popular restaurant among fans at the 4 locations in the county. Continue reading

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The #Nats shouldn’t let the perfect — be the enemy of the good!

Rizzo and MartinezThe off-season from hell (although, aren’t they all?) just keeps dragging ever onward. One of the subplots we are obviously very interested in as Washington Nationals fans is whether Mike Rizzo will end up making a trade or two. Continue reading

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Bryce Harper wins the off-season glove game with his custom Rawlings leather!

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Every off-season, fans of Bryce Harper have begun to enjoy the unveiling of his new swag for the coming season. Some get giddy waiting for sneak peaks of his new Rawlings gloves, his Under Armour spikes, his Chandler and Victus bats, his New Era caps, his Under Armour batting gloves, and even his socks. In baseball fashion, there is no equal to Bryce Harper although his teammate, Victor Robles, seemed to follow Bryce’s lead with his own customized gear. Bryce was an original with his bespoke look on-the-field where looking good is feeling good for this young man as he showed off his flair for design and his acumen for creativity. Continue reading

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Part III: #Nats publish full rosters of all Minor League coaches

Minor Leagues

As we promised, we would have a Part III of our series about the final changes in the Nationals’ Minor League system. As we discussed previously, there were pitching coach changes at every level while the Nats parted ways with both Chris Michalak and Bob Milacki and brought in two new pitching coaches into the system with Brad Holman at Triple-A Syracuse and Larry Pardo at the Rookie-Level GCL Nationals. All the other Minor League pitching coaches were assigned from other levels within the organization. Continue reading

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Official: Howie Kendrick has passed his physical; Added to #Nats roster

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It is official! Howie Kendrick has been added to the Washington Nationals roster on a new 2-year free agent signing. Kendrick was part of the 2017 Washington Nationals team  after the Nationals acquired him in a trade with the Philadelphia Phillies on July 28th for McKenzie Mills and international bonus slot money. Kendrick chose the Nats over other teams offering more money for an opportunity to return to the Nationals and a chance to win in the post-season.

For roughly 2 months of service last season, Kendrick made more ($3.827 million) than he will make on this new deal before incentives as this new deal is worth $3.5 million per year. His incentives package could pay him an additional $1.1125 million per year over his base salary. The incentives package is based on plate appearances. Continue reading

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The Hot Stove is broken!

Hot Stove
It is the slowest off-season since the baseball strike off-season between 1994 and 1995. There has only been one signing (Wade Davis) in the Top-10 projected free agents as technically Masahiro Tanaka never opted-out and did not become a free agent. Continue reading

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The #Nats catching position is still questionable Wieters/Severino

Photo by SoMDNatsFan for TalkNats

Even before the season ended and looking back at the 2017 trade deadline, we were hopeful the Nationals would upgrade at catcher. It never happened. The catcher position became costly in the post-season with both the starter and the back-up. The Nationals were the worst rated catching tandem in the Majors in 2017 ranking an awful -1.1 WAR. Today, the Nationals are set to enter the 2018 season with Matt Wieters and Pedro Severino as their catchers after Jose Lobaton departed via free agency. Continue reading

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Mike Rizzo’s actions speak louder than his words!

Mike Rizzo

The photo above was taken of Mike Rizzo at the Nats WinterFest. Rizzo had just said, “We like the team we have.” Many Nats fans in attendance let out a spontaneous giggle as we knew when Mike Rizzo says those words he is nearly done —but— never satisfied. Minutes later, Rizzo looked down at his phone and smiled. He was giddy all day, and you could understand why given that his Nationals roster was almost complete except for some tweaks. Rizzo’s actions speak louder than words. Days after Rizzo appeared at that Winterfest, he signed Matt Adams to a one year deal. Continue reading

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Join TravelNats to Watch the Nats Play on the Road!


After a successful trip to Citi Field in 2017, we are back and planning more Nats roadtrips for 2018 and beyond. Continue reading

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