The #Nats catching position is still questionable Wieters/Severino

Photo by SoMDNatsFan for TalkNats

Even before the season ended and looking back at the 2017 trade deadline, we were hopeful the Nationals would upgrade at catcher. It never happened. The catcher position became costly in the post-season with both the starter and the back-up. The Nationals were the worst rated catching tandem in the Majors in 2017 ranking an awful -1.1 WAR. Today, the Nationals are set to enter the 2018 season with Matt Wieters and Pedro Severino as their catchers after Jose Lobaton departed via free agency. Continue reading

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Mike Rizzo’s actions speak louder than his words!

Mike Rizzo

The photo above was taken of Mike Rizzo at the Nats WinterFest. Rizzo had just said, “We like the team we have.” Many Nats fans in attendance let out a spontaneous giggle as we knew when Mike Rizzo says those words he is nearly done —but— never satisfied. Minutes later, Rizzo looked down at his phone and smiled. He was giddy all day, and you could understand why given that his Nationals roster was almost complete except for some tweaks. Rizzo’s actions speak louder than words. Days after Rizzo appeared at that Winterfest, he signed Matt Adams to a one year deal. Continue reading

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Join TravelNats to Watch the Nats Play on the Road!


After a successful trip to Citi Field in 2017, we are back and planning more Nats roadtrips for 2018 and beyond. Continue reading

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Sources: Howie Kendrick is heading back to the #Nats on a 2-year deal

Howie Kendrick

This morning news broke from Bob Nightengale of USA Today that the Nationals have re-acquired Howie Kendrick through a 2-year free agent signing. Kendrick was part of the 2017 Washington Nationals team and received $3.827 million after the Nationals acquired him in a trade with the Philadelphia Phillies on July 28th. For roughly 2 months of service last season, Kendrick made more than he will before incentives on this new $3.5 million per year deal. Final terms have not been disclosed, however TalkNats learned from a source that Kendrick can earn at least $2 million in incentives over the term of the contract. Continue reading

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Can Mike Rizzo replicate the trade he made on July 29, 2010?

Mike Rizzo trade

Photo by Andrew Lang for TalkNats

Baseball historians might remember when Mike Rizzo traded closer Matt Capps on July 29, 2010 for top prospect catcher Wilson Ramos. It felt like thievery at the time — and it was. Capps was a reclamation project who pitched to a 5.80 ERA the season prior to the trade. He was cut loose by the Pirates and Rizzo signed him for the 2010 season and he became the Nats lone All-Star in the 2010 season. Ramos was blocked by a catcher named Joe Mauer. It was the perfect confluence of need for both sides, and Mike Rizzo pounced and made the trade of Capps for Ramos. Can Mike Rizzo replicate a trade like that? I am asking that question for a friend. Continue reading

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MLB Network begins their 10-part series of the best players by position

MLB Network’s TOP 10 RIGHT NOW! Series returns for their 8th SEASON tonight at 9:00 P.M. ET

With Spring Training camps opening in exactly a month from tomorrow, MLB Network gets to work on their Top 10 Right Now! series which ranks Major League Baseball’s top players at each position. The series will return for its 8th season tonight with Top 10 Shortstops Right Now! at 9:00 p.m. ET and Top 10 Third Basemen Right Now! at 10:00 p.m. ET. Buster Olney of ESPN finished up his Top-10 list this week and you can compare his list to MLB’s list. Continue reading

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The #Nats agree to terms with three of their players!

The Nationals’ guaranteed payroll as it stands now. (Spotrac)

The Washington Nationals made three key signings today: right-handed pitcher Tanner Roark, outfielder Michael A. Taylor, and second/third baseman Anthony Rendon. Continue reading

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SPH Hot Stove with Mike Rizzo – Channeling Jim Acosta

The annual season plan holder hot stove Q&A with the Nats President of Baseball Operations Mike Rizzo is coming up in three weeks (Feb 2 from 1-3), it’s time to get the Talk Nats talking points together and come up with some good alternative questions to the inevitable “are you going to resign Bryce Harper?”

As DonH led the way on last year, the Talk Nats crew should come up with a couple dozen good questions that Rizzo might actually answer. A few rules: 1) He’s not going to tip his hand and reveal any upcoming moves, there is no point in asking “are you satisfied with the team as it stands or are you still looking to upgrade?”. 2) Don’t critique a past move, pass on “was the Adam Eaton trade a mistake?”, the answer is no. 3) Don’t try to be funny, “blah, blah, blah, Tommy Bahama?” is wasting everyone’s time.

Mike Rizzo

The POBO (President of Baseball Operations)

Here are some initial suggestions, add more in the comments and we’ll have a good list to pass around. Continue reading

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#Nats affiliate acquires Shawn Murnin; Formerly with Cardinals affiliate

Shawn Murnin

The Hagerstown Suns, Low-A affiliate of the Washington Nationals, announced on Wednesday that they have signed Shawn Murnin as their play-by-play broadcaster as well as the team’s new Director of Media Relations. Previously Murnin was the Media Relations and Broadcast Assistant for the Midwest League’s Peoria Chiefs (Class-A/St. Louis Cardinals). Continue reading

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Washington Nationals versus the NL East

During the 2017 season, the Washington Nationals had a mixed bag of success against the National League East Division aka the NL East. While the Nats had a winning record against every team in the NL East, they did not dominate the Atlanta Braves and finished with a 10-9 won/loss record, and the Nationals were outscored by both the Braves and the Phillies.  The Nationals did dominate the Mets and Marlins finishing with identical 13-6 won/loss records against both teams and healthy run differentials versus both. Continue reading

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