Game #120 The straw that broke the camel’s back!

The Nationals had a Spring Training that is now the brunt of jokes about camel humps, and dromedary poop. Many cultures used camels for the transport of people and carrying goods like straw that was harvested. From that became the idiom about the straw that broke the camel’s back which alluded to the proverb “it is the last straw that breaks the camel’s back” and that is the irony as each loss piled up on that camel until it broke. Every season, there are 20 teams that are eliminated from making the post-season and the last straw is when they are officially eliminated, but along the way the weight of those straws are not all equal. This gives rise to the phrase “the last straw” or “the final straw” which many times is used when someone is fired from their job, a divorce, a separation, and other unpleasant finalities. Continue reading

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The Nats bullpen blows another game. Finding new ways to lose…again!

The Nationals are now 11-21 in one-run games after this walk-off loss. Think about whether that is even possible, and it is because the Nationals have sunk that low. This defeat came from another bullpen implosion as the Nats lose on a 9th inning walk-off by a score of 7-6 after a blown save by the Nationals in the bottom of the 8th inning that led to the Cardinals blowing a save in the top of the 9th inning . Continue reading

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Game #119 A 4-game series against the Cardinals

The Nationals arrived in St. Louis a few minutes before 2:00AM (EDT) last night on an un-happy flight. The players probably fell asleep earlier than many of the fans. Last night’s loss was one of those game’s for the history books, and at the same time a game the Nationals would like to forget. The team hopefully takes their frustrations out on the St. Louis Cardinals.  Continue reading

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Time for an exorcism for the Nationals

* August 12th 2018 marked the Nationals most excruciating regular season loss in the team’s history. A loss was actually snatched from the jaws of victory. Continue reading

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Perspective: A great game for 8 1/2 innings; A complete disaster for a 1/2 inning

Photo by NavyYardNats for TalkNats

They say you need to play to the last out, and the Chicago Cubs did just that. It is proof that you should never give up. They took advantage of every pitch and play that went their way. The Nationals played some of their best baseball for 8 ½ innings followed by some of their worst for a fateful ½ inning. A pitcher’s duel of Max Scherzer versus Cole Hamels turned into a pitcher’s fool when Ryan Madson tried to pitch while he was unable to grip his off-speed pitches resulting in two hit-by-pitch batters that essentially scored the tying and winning runs since the Nationals were winning by a score of 3-0 at the time. An umpire who had been giving borderline pitches to the Cubs did so at crucial times many times in this game. A middle infielder inserted for his defense failed to make a routing play that was somehow ruled a hit.  Continue reading

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Nats find a new way to lose. A walk-off grand slam.

Ryan Zimmerman at Wrigley Field by NavyYardNats for TalkNats

We should be celebrating a great Nationals win and instead a loss you won’t forget about for a long long time. The Nationals took a 3-0 lead into the bottom of the 9th inning and 4 runs scored on a pinch-hit walk-off grand slam by David Bote in a 2-strike count with 2 outs. A Max Scherzer gem was wasted as he exited at the end of the 7th inning with a 1-0 lead, and the Nats ran that lead up to 3-0 which should have been enough. A walk-off pinch-hit grand slam home run down by 3 runs with  2 outs is so rare you have to go back 39 years to Roger Freed. A similar feat was also acheived by Allen Trammel in 1988, however he wasn’t a pinch-hitter. Continue reading

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Game #118 Win one tonight! #Nats

The Nationals and Cubs will complete this 3-game series tonight under the lights at Wrigley Field, and the Nats get another featured game on ESPN’s Sunday Night Game of the Week. While getting the big game is an honor, it is also a game that changes sleep patterns as they usually finish up near midnight in the East. Luckily on this getaway day, the flight to St. Louis is a short one about an hour in the air, and the Nationals will probably still get to their hotel by Busch Stadium between 2AM – 3AM (EDT). Continue reading

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Nats get pitching from Roark, power from Zim and Murphy and 9-runs

The Nationals knocked the Cubs ace, Jon Lester, out of the game in the 4th inning as the Nationals cruised to a 9-4 win in Wrigley field behind some fine pitching by Tanner Roark and the power from two Ryan Zimmerman home runs and 6 RBIs and a 2-run home run from Daniel Murphy. Continue reading

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Game #117 Win one today! #Nats

No more excuses — just win! After manager Dave Martinez has faced the media following 57 losses this season, he’s becoming a regular on answering the media as to why the Nationals lost. We have heard a variety of reasons that are starting to sound like excuses like “they played hard” and “they played well”. Continue reading

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Wash, rinse, repeat. Missed opportunities, questionable decisions, blah blah blah

The Nationals lost another one-run game falling to 11-19 in those outcomes this season. This one particularly stings because Jeremy Hellickson was throwing a no-hitter when he was removed from the game at 5 2/3 innings, and he handed over bases loaded to Sammy Solis after Hellickson walked three-in-a-row. The opportunities were there early and often for the Washington Nationals, but the key hits scored only one run each. The Nationals had 9 hits, 1 HBP,  plus 2 walks and only scored 2 runs. It is the same old story of missed opportunities and questionable managing/coaching.  Continue reading

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