Game #77 Two game series in Tampa, Florida

While you would like to enjoy last night’s win a little longer, the MLB schedule has a game today in Tampa, Florida. The boys touched down in Tampa as the sun was rising. We learned from Juan Soto that he was just getting into bed at 5:30AM, and he is already awake and on his way to the ballpark. The Nationals have a 7:10pm game in Tampa where the Nationals will face one of the best lefties in baseball. Continue reading

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A big #Nats win to wrap up a tough week 

The tendency after a huge win such as last night is to oversell the positives and assume that the negatives that were all there until the 5th inning are fixed. As they say things are never quite as good or as bad as we think they are in extreme moments.  Continue reading

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The spirit of game #76 has a great comeback win!

Kevin Long with Daniel Murphy. Photo by Lee Heiman for TalkNats

Pick your star of the game? Daniel Murphy, Bryce Harper, Trea Turner, Juan Soto, Anthony Rendon, Michael Taylor, Wilmer Difo, Adam Eaton or Brian Goodwin? Maybe all of them. It was a great team win to rally from 4-runs down to show the national television audience on ESPN’s Sunday Night game that the demise of the Washington Nationals was greatly exaggerated. Continue reading

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Game #76 needs a spirited #Nats team

Many people have been commenting on how so many Nationals players since the Dream Gala have been playing with low energy. Who knows, but several players have been playing sick, and while they won’t use that as an excuse, it’s understandable — but the Gala was two weeks ago so you have to think it is more than that. When was the last time we saw Bryce Harper celebrating? Answer: June 9th when he homered off of Ty Blach which happened to be hours before the Dream Gala later that evening. Maybe we should rename it the Nightmare Gala. The Nationals have been atrocious since the Gala with only 3 wins and 10 losses, and Harper hasn’t homered since!  Continue reading

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It was a tie game through the 6th inning then Fedde was sent back for the 7th

Photo by Kevin Nibley for TalkNats

In this game, Erick Fedde did his job, and his defense did not help him, and his manager sent him out for the 7th inning with a 97-pitch count. Instead of Fedde handing the ball to the bullpen in the 7th inning with a 2-to-2 tie, Fedde gave up a lead-off double who scored on a sacrifice fly and Fedde’s day ended with a loss on his record. That 3-to-2 Phillies lead grew to 5-to-2 when Kelvin Herrera gave up 2 runs, and the only life the rest of the game came from an Anthony Rendon home run to finish the box score at a 5-to-3 loss.  Continue reading

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Game #75 Fedde has an opportunity to show he belongs

Photo by Marlene Koenig for TalkNats

Games like last night take a lot of convenient memory loss to forget. It was painful for Nationals fans to watch their team take a 2-0 deficit and tie it up and then to see the Phillies score 10 unanswered runs. Fan-favorite pitcher Tanner Roark once again self-destructed while another Nationals manager failed to see the obvious. It brings back memories of seasons that have unraveled in 2013 and 2015 when the finer details were missed. Continue reading

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Turn the page on this game—See you later!

See you tomorrow!

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Game #74 Another ballgame — another iffy weather forecast!

Bryce Harper in centerfield; Photo by Marlene Koenig for TalkNats

Another night of questionable weather in the forecast as the Washington Nationals prepare for a weekend series with the Phillies. Only a ½ game separates these two teams in the standings, and this is one of those series where you wonder how the Nationals can stay on top of the Phillies with a weekend rotation of Tanner Roark, Erick Fedde and Jefry Rodriguez. Out of the three, Roark had the shortest outing in the last turn through the rotation, and we once again wonder — which Tanner Roark do we see in this start? Continue reading

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Nats win on the bat of Soto! What else is new!

The 19-year-old did it again when the Washington Nationals needed some offense scoring lead-off man Bryce Harper and #2 batter Trea Turner. Soto’s double went with a walk on the night, and his double in the 8th inning proved to be the game-winner. Continue reading

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Game #73 Nats line-up must support Max Scherzer tonight!

Photo by Lee Heiman for TalkNats

Even Max Scherzer is not capable of winning a game if his team does not score him any runs. Such was his fate in his last 2 starts where he held the opponents to just 2-runs and lost the games by identical scores of 2-to-0. He can commiserate with Gio, Tanner, and Stras who all were losers on the wrong end of shutouts in the month of June. The Nationals offense seemed to have clicked but has been in this feast or famine offense the last week and a half. We all know Max Scherzer is capable of shutting out his opponents, but he still needs run support to win. Continue reading

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