The Catchers have been the story in #Nats camp: Spencer Kieboom & Matt Wieters

Mondays are for rising up! Spencer Kieboom knows he must rise up on the field like he does in the kitchen where he can do it with a little dash of yeast. Spencer Kieboom knows his way around a kitchen and behind the plate but not around the laundry room according to Kieboom’s fiancé Christa. Two out of three ain’t bad.

Christa served as a baking assistant along with Spencer’s roommates John Simms and Spencer’s youngest brother Carter Kieboom. Continue reading

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Who didn’t expect this? Matt Wieters to the Nationals? Come on. Boras-Lerner-Rizzo-Yes.

Once Matt Wieters became an unrestricted free agent this off-season he was linked to the Washington Nationals mainly for the Boras connection as Matt Wieters agent is Scott Boras.

What was worrisome were Wieters’ statistics with the large drop-off in the second half of the 2016 season at a .227/.294/.399/.693 slash after a .728 OPS in the first half, but then factor in his road stats away from the hitter-friendly confines of Camden Yards where Wieters slugging (power) percentage dipped by 65 points, you have a recipe that might not work at all in Nationals Park. Continue reading

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Nats Blogs to Watch this Spring

The State of the Natosphere 2017:

This year the Nats reported to spring training on 2/14 but fans were not allowed on the Ballpark of the Palm Beaches grounds until Saturday which was February 18th, restricting coverage to the old school media sources, newspapers, television and radio stations. Leaving Talk Nats and other Nats blogs out in the cold (70 degrees today). So I started thinking that it would be nice if Laura and some of the other members of the Talk Nats team could get credentialed and provide additional coverage for the team. Continue reading

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Washington Nationals: Seen & Heard at Spring Training; Adam Eaton channels Mighty Mouse

A very exciting first weekend at The Ballpark of the Palm Beaches. The best quotes seemed to come from the starting trio of outfielders.

What was learned about Adam Eaton is that he is a fan of Mighty Mouse which was a cartoon first appearing in “Mouse of Tomorrow” in 1942 when Adam’s grandparents were kids. Eaton was sporting his favorite Mighty Mouse t-shirt that his wife bought for him at the discount Nordstrom’s Rack. Continue reading

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Washington Nationals: Around the clubhouse; Hope Springs Eternal

When pitchers and catchers reported to the new Ballpark of the Palm Beaches, we were 123 days removed from the stinging loss of Game 5 and the third time the Nats failed to advance in postseason play. My twitter feed was filled with excitement from fans, the players, and the team. Why? Because, just like the infuriatingly Noah Syndergaard-centric MLB ad states, and TalkNats reminds us every year in Spring Training: hope springs eternal. Spring Training marks a fresh start. The slate is wiped clean, and last season’s lows are in the past. Continue reading

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Washington Nationals: Quotes from Dusty Baker and Daniel Murphy

That tweet by Jorge Castillo (above) regarding Dusty Baker‘s comment that Trea Turner will hit leadoff with Werth batting 2nd for the 2017 Washington Nationals led to nearly 100 comments on and the TalkNats Twitter feed.

Based on the comments, there is a division between those who think Eaton should bat leadoff versus Trea Turner should leadoff, but outside of Ron Darling, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who thinks Eaton would bat anywhere except 1st or 2nd in the batting order. Isn’t this why as Steve Mears wrote, “This is why Rizzo traded the farm for Adam Eaton.”

Jamey Carroll in an interview on TalkNats a few weeks ago compared the combination of Trea Turner and Adam Eaton atop of the line-up as wreakers of havoc reminiscent of Juan Pierre and Luis Castillo for the 2003 champion Marlins. Jack McKeon worked both players in the leadoff and 2nd in their line-up. The article can be found here. Continue reading

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Washington Nationals: A photographic walk around The Ballpark of the Palm Beaches

As you may know, we had a writer, Michael Daalder, in West Palm Beach for the opening of camp, and it was closed to the public which gave us little editorial content this week. We asked Michael to snap some photos of the complex. The 160 acre site should soon be considered the finest complex in the entire Grapefruit League, and probably will exceed the Salt River Fields at Talking Stick complex in Scottsdale, Arizona which houses the Diamondbacks and Rockies as the best in the Major Leagues. The architectural firm of HKS designed both Salt River Fields at Talking Stick and The Ballpark Of The Palm Beaches led by Mo Stein.

“This is real economic development, and there’s additional redevelopment planned in the area,” Stein said. “To me, the whole purpose of architecture isn’t just to do buildings – it’s to create a great experience.”

A great experience is what you want when you drive onto 5400 Haverhill Road in West Palm Beach. Fred Ortiz was side-by-side with Stein on his team as his Principal Designer and making sure no detail was missed including the layout of even the parking lots as Ortiz wanted “a plan that allows the most experiential layout possible” and said that “in most spring-training facilities, you have parking on the sides and training fields to the rear. That creates a sense of disengagement.” When the finished product is seen in the coming weeks, hopefully visitors can appreciate Stein’s and Ortiz’s vision and unanimously agree that the experience was great! Continue reading

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Washington Nationals: Bryce Harper should be en route to WPB

Bryce Harper is soaking up the last of the off-season before heading down to West Palm Beach for spring training. Despite hating the “holiday,” he and new wife Kayla had a full day on Valentine’s Day, going to the Las Vegas Mormon Temple for something with his uncle, and then enjoying dinner at Zuma, a sushi joint, on the Vegas Strip. They decided to cap off their evening with milkshakes from Chik-fil-a. Turns out, everyone in Vegas wanted to eat more chicken, and they were stuck in an endless drive-thru line, 20 minutes into their wait, Bryce checked in with Facebook live and documented the remainder of their time in line. Continue reading

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Washington Nationals: Day 2 of Spring Training

Day one of spring training was very uneventful. There was no real news except to hear that Joe Ross had some facial hair, and there was a locker set-up for Adam Lind. Players walked around and were impressed with the facility even though the construction is not at 100% completion.

In the mid-day, Dusty Baker met the media. He did not have much to say as he talked about the new spring training facility and his 2017 bullpen as AllFoNats pointed out there were some great quotes in this Bobby Blanco written article on the MASN site.

Mike Rizzo did not meet with the media on Tuesday. At some point, you have to believe the Nationals general manager will address the media about the off-season and the current roster.

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Washington Nationals: Pitchers and Catchers report today at The Ballpark Of The Palm Beaches

To some people, today is Valentine’s Day, and to Washington Nationals fans, this is a day of love when Spring Training officially starts. Pitchers and catchers report today to the new Ballpark of the Palm Beaches in West Palm Beach, Florida, and the lockers that were empty yesterday will be filled with gear today.

From the Nationals Twitter

The Nationals rotation and duo of catchers are set on paper, but as we know in baseball, nothing is set in stone. Continue reading

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