A Curious History of Washington D.C. All-Star games

This year’s All Star Game will mark the fifth time that the exhibition game has been played in Washington.  There is plenty of history involved.  A listing of players involved in the games played here is long and loaded with Hall of Famers. The games themselves were not particularly classics.  But, they have provided some food for thought as we await the first pitch. Continue reading

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Nats at the break 48-48

Sunday Nats

Photo by Laura Peebles for TalkNats

Nats at the break

There is no question that the Nats are very far from being out of contention. The teams they are chasing are proving to be very flawed and they could be caught by a team with superior talent such as the Nationals if the Washington team plays up to its potential. Continue reading

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Dave Martinez did not forget how to do his job!

Photo for TalkNats

It was nice during yesterday’s game that I could write something “positive” about Washington Nationals manager Dave Martinez and his strategies he put in place in the finale before the All-Star break. It all worked.  It has been a while for Davey that he could genuinely smile in a game. When you’re winning, it’s all fun — and you can look like a genius. When you’re losing, you look like the village idiot at times. Yesterday, he really pulled out all the stops. Whether it was Matt Wieters bunting or going with Daniel Murphy off the bench early to pinch-hit for starting centerfielder Michael A. Taylor — it worked.  What worked was execution. If Wieters does not get the bunt down or Murphy strikes out, the pitchforks are back out. Continue reading

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#Nats move into the All-Star break with a W

The Nationals are back to .500 and 5½ games out of 1st place. It’s not where they wanted to be, but the alternatives could have been worse for a team that was struck by multiple key injuries along with a slumping Bryce Harper and a month and a half of poor starting pitching from Tanner Roark and Gio Gonzlalez. In addition, rookie manager Dave Martinez had come under fire for his managerial style.

Continue reading

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Game #96 puts an end to a disappointing 1st half 60%

With the earlier start to the 2018 season in March, the All-Star break is hardly the halfway point of the season. In fact, the season is 60% over after today’s game with 40% remaining in the 162 game regular season and the best the Nationals can hope for is to finish at .500 today with a 48-and-48 record. If the Washington Nationals can win today, they need to go 42-and-24 in the final 66-games to finish with 90-wins. That would require a 63.6% winning percentage. It is possible if this team somehow finds itself at it’s core which is starting pitching and goes on a long winning streak. Continue reading

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#Nats fall back below .500 with one game left before the All-Star Game!

Adam Eaton did his part but couldn’t keep the Nats from losing this one. Photo by Jim Osborn for TalkNats

Well, spot starter Austin Voth tried his best in his major league debut today, but it just didn’t work out. A flurry of singles in the second inning made it a 3-0 game early, and then the New York Mets poured on four more in the fifth inning as the rookie appeared to hit the wall hard. Continue reading

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Game #95 Voth gets his debut hoping 3rd times the charm!

For Austin Voth, this is his 3rd call-up of the season. He sat on the bench during his first two call-ups, and his family flew across the country and through the night from Redmond, Washington to see him in his first call-up only to see him sit on the bench before he was optioned back to Triple-A Syracuse. Continue reading

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The All-Star FanFest is incredible and so are the parties!

The All-Star FanFest is like nothing you have ever seen. It is like a baseball lover’s paradise. Row after row of baseball activities, baseball history, memorabilia, baseball cards, All-Star apparel, and former baseball players. Those baseball cards above are just for the FanFest, and available through Topps wrapper redemptions. Continue reading

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Roark was good after he was bad; Mets tried to let the Nationals win!

A different type of walk off; Photo by Marlene Koenig for TalkNats

This game did not start off well for the Washington Nationals. They were behind 4-to-0 at the end of the second inning as Tanner Roark‘s changeup was getting smashed. He then started to throw his curveball and the Mets couldn’t hit it. The Nationals had so many chances to get back into the game but once again did not take advantage of runners on 2nd base and no outs. The Nationals finished at 1-for-12 in RISP situations and that will not win you games. Continue reading

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Game #94 Roark against Syndergaard in NY

Photo by LEGnats for Talknats

Tanner Roark has been the facial hair chameleon for weeks now as he seemingly has gone from the 1960’s ZZ-Top look to an in-between Ken with a 1970’s throwback to the most recent CC Sabathia hairless look after his last 3 starts. Let’s hope Roark doesn’t shave his legs next. The Nationals are now 5-14 in Roark appearances this season going into tonight’s game. Roark has certainly put his team in a position to win 11 of the 25 games he has pitched in, but lately, like the July 3rd disaster where he gave up 9-earned runs and then lasted only 4-innings in his 4-run inefficient 102-pitch start 5-days ago, these are not MLB quality. After the last few starts, Roark each time has told the post-game media that he “felt great” while the paying fans were left “feeling sick”.  Continue reading

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