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Developing: Nats reportedly get the bird in the Hand!

The best reliever in the free agent mix was Brad Hand who never appeared to be on the Washington Nationals radar until this weekend. A few minutes ago, Jon Heyman of the MLB Network, broke the news that the Nats … Continue reading

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A big #Nats day for international signings, arbitration players, and the 30-day countdown to Spring Training!

Today is a big day for the international scouting groups as it marks the start to the international signing period for free agents. The Washington Nationals made a big splash by signing shortstop Armando Cruz who is currently ranked № … Continue reading

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Where do the #Nats go from here?

With Josh Bell, Kyle Schwarber, and Josh Harrison all signed, what moves will Washington Nationals’ general manager Mike Rizzo have up his winter sleeves? With a 40-man roster showing five vacancies, we can expect at least five moves and most … Continue reading

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Are Platoon Splits Almost a Certainty for the #Nats – 1 of 2?

Don: So that is the question of the day. Given the budget, who the available FAs are; and lack of tradeable assets, platoons seem like the best/only option for the Nats. TalkNats commenter DChamps asked us to do: Here is what … Continue reading

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Official: Nats sign Kyle Schwarber as a free agent! Time to pencil in a new lineup!

We had several scenarios for a Kyle Schwarber signing with the hopes he could play first base for the Washington Nationals. After the Josh Bell signing, the thoughts of adding Schwarber faded until rumors had surfaced from The Athletic’s Ken … Continue reading

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Fact or Fiction: The Nats And Developing Pitchers

Don: Joseph Goebbels is quoted for saying If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. And there are claims made and repeated often enough that they come to be accepted … Continue reading

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Pick ’em from the discount aisle; Shopping with the #Nats from Casali to Eugenio Suarez!

Putting together a roster in the offseason is complicated, of course. Some of it is choosing from the ala carte menu while some of it feels like you are piecing together an intricate puzzle. If general manager Mike Rizzo is … Continue reading

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Mike Rizzo admitted the #Nats financial situation was fluid; Nationals are rewarding their best fans!

When the Winter Meetings went 100 percent virtual two weeks ago, it was about as exciting as watching paint dry. The normal media scrums that would be held in crammed spaces of a behemoth hotel were replaced by ZOOM meetings … Continue reading

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Washington Nationals hold ZOOM calls, and we have quotes for the future!

Normally during the Winter Meetings, the Washington Nationals hold their center court time at the official hotel, but everything went virtual this year due to COVID, and we never heard from the President of Baseball Operations and General Manager, Mike … Continue reading

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A non-tender day like no other in baseball’s history; Nats agree with Joe Ross and can sit back and watch!

The Washington Nationals took care of their non-tender decisions early. Actually very early. When the team parted ways with Michael A. Taylor, Roenis Elias, and Javy Guerra in early October, they were essentially done. They could have waited until the … Continue reading

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