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Add it all up, Mike Rizzo showed that he has game!

As the first snow hit Washington, D.C., general manager Mike Rizzo was back at work as he is trying to finalize his 2020 roster. A week ago he was being criticized for a lackluster offseason even though he had six … Continue reading

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Daniel Hudson is back with the #Nats because he wanted to return! Rizzo adds the lefty thump with Eric Thames!

Some thought that the signing of Will Harris meant that Daniel Hudson would not return. Some were convinced that the pursuit of Josh Donaldson was a financial restraint that would not allow any more acquisitions, but general manager Mike Rizzo … Continue reading

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Mike Rizzo is in another walk year on his current contract, is he worried?

Embed from Getty Images of Mike Rizzo No, Mike Rizzo is not worried at all about his future with the Washington Nationals.┬áDuring his tenure, he has negotiated six different contracts for himself averaging nearly 2.5 years per deal. He has … Continue reading

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What would the #Nats look like if Mike Rizzo was done?

First off, we do not believe that Washington Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo has completed his lineup for 2020. But we can take a glance at the World Series Game #7 lineup for a glimpse into what the middle of … Continue reading

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The Nats offseason is like a great crime novel! Starlin Castro emerges! UPDATE: Asdrubal is back!

The Washington Nationals offseason is as good as a great crime novel. The young CEO and two of his managers were killed while the star salesman was near death and survived while the longest tenured employee contemplates retirement. You can … Continue reading

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Willie Harris Part Deux; Also reading the tea leaves in NatsTown

We loved you before we met you Will. Now you are inked for three years with the team that cost you a ring. Just like Trent Grisham, one singular play can change whether your old team wants you back. Sure, … Continue reading

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Best player available works for MLB Draft but does it work for signing free agents?

In the last offseason, Patrick Corbin was considered the top pitcher available in free agency. He was not considered the top free agent available, but was the pitching prize for sure. For general manager Mike Rizzo of the Washington Nationals, … Continue reading

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Last year was quite the year for doing it the #Nats way!

We can now say “last year” or “last season” when we refer to the Nats’ World Series 2019 season since the calendar turned to 2020. General manager Mike Rizzo has less than ten days to ink players to get them … Continue reading

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Why Mike Rizzo has not moved in a new direction

Impatience among the fanbase seems like part of the natural progression in the “Help Wanted” needs for the Washington Nationals who have been looking for a new third baseman ever since word broke on December 11 that Anthony Rendon was … Continue reading

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The math says the Mets, Nats, Braves, Phillies, Marlins are the current pole positions in the NL East

All of the NL East teams have made key moves in this offseason, and the Mets currently have the highest team WAR in the NL East at 43.9 according to Fangraphs. The Nats are at a 41.0 WAR followed by … Continue reading

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