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Counting on too much upside could be a recipe for disaster on a team!

Counting on too much upside could be a recipe for a disaster on a team! As Washington Nationals‘ general manager Mike Rizzo added veterans to the roster recently, they are all coming off of down years. The odds are, that … Continue reading

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Breaking: Source on sale of Nats said “no sale” is current status!

Tomorrow marks the ninth month since the Lerners officially announced they would explore a sale of the Washington Nationals on April 11, 2022. The Lerner family and sports team investor, Ted Leonsis, were getting closer to an agreement on the sale … Continue reading

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Nats complete their acquisitions for position players with signing of Corey Dickerson

Can you smell that Spring air? Okay, maybe not yet, but we feel a lot closer today to a Spring Training roster. As we have written for over the month, the Washington Nationals saw an opportunity in a deep left … Continue reading

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Elian Soto turns 17 today, and in 5 days should be officially signed with the Nats!

As Elian Soto celebrated his 17th birthday with family and friends today, the younger brother of Juan Soto should be following in his older brother’s footsteps and signing with the Washington Nationals as an IFA (international free agent) in five days. … Continue reading

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Spending other people’s money and the search for a left fielder for the Nats!

There are plenty of fans that wanted to see the Washington Nationals spend “big” in free agency. From our sources, the Nats have been “in” on deals that did not work out, but none of them were long-term deals. Part … Continue reading

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As of today, more clarity on the starting lineup and the Nats roster!

As we read the tea leaves minutes after we confirmed the news that Dominic Smith was signing with the Washington Nationals, our first instinct was to tweet that Joey Meneses was going to play left field — thinking Smith to first base. But some of … Continue reading

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Source: Nats are signing Dom Smith to an MLB deal

The last time we saw Dominic Smith, he was in a Mets uniform. Nobody was surprised when he was DFA’d in November which stirred up the speculation that he would be signed by the Washington Nationals. A source told us … Continue reading

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Nats are just 55 days away from their first Spring Training game — but how many days to new ownership?

Happy New Year to 2023, and we can finally, and properly refer to 2022 as last year. For the Washington Nationals, that was a year to file away in the “not repeat” file. With 107 losses and the trade of … Continue reading

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The big storylines for the Nats start with the ownership situation, the draft, the farm system and the core!

For a Washington Nationals team coming off of a 107-loss season, you would not expect much excitement — or lengthy storylines. But there is plenty to talk about when your team is potentially for sale. Let’s talk about the biggest stories … Continue reading

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The final move(s) for the Nats is/are a waiting game.

The fans can do very little to move things along for the Washington Nationals, either with a sale of the franchise or the signing of a meaningful free agent. These complicated transactions get done at their own pace — and at … Continue reading

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