Game #16 Mitchell Parker debut on Jackie Robinson Day in Los Angeles

The Washington Nationals left Las Vegas Oakland a lot poorer. The Nats were just 11 outs from victory, but had a blow-up in the 6th inning that turned a 6-1 lead into a 7-6 deficit against the Oakland A’s. All of that turned into a tough luck loss. A game of inches. What could have been. The team got another good start from Trevor Williams who departed in that 6th inning with one-out and two runners on-base. He finished with three earnies on his record.

Today is a new day and the Nats woke up in Los Angeles to play at Dodger Stadium tonight on Jackie Robinson Day. Tonight will be the MLB debut for left-hander Mitchell Parker. We have seen him through the years from his humble beginnings in Fredericksburg.

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Game #15 A season finale with the A’s and a goodbye to the Oakland Coliseum

The Washington Nationals got on top and stayed on top with a wire-to-wire win last night in Oakland. Today, the two teams wrap-up their season in a rubber game matchup, and the final time the Nats will play in the Oakland Coliseum.

After an 11-K performance last night by MacKenzie Gore over his 5.0 scoreless innings and 90-pitches, the bullpen only gave up one-run in the remaining 4.0 innings of work to seal the win. The Nats got 2-hit games from CJ Abrams, Luis Garcia Jr., Riley Adams, and Jacob Young. The team was a poor 2-for-12 in RISP spots last night, and are 2-for-22 in the series. They obviously have to improve, and at least take advantage with productive outs.

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Game #14 The Nats need to find a consistency

The Washington Nationals were down to their final swings in the 9th inning by a score of 1-0, and received a gift from Jesse Winker in the form of a game-tying home run that erased a possible shutout and took away an L from starter Jake Irvin who pitched six brilliant innings, surrendering just one run. Winker had a 4-4 day, and was the clear star for the Nats along with Irvin who notched the first quality start of the season for the Nats.

Unfortunately, the Nats were 0-10 in RISP spots and could not score any other runs in the game. Once again, consistency was lacking in an offense that had numerous opportunities. An early Nats run was reversed on a video review which might be the play of the night. A baserunning mistake in the 10th inning might be circled as the biggest blunder, but the lack of execution with RISP spots really was the difference. That baserunning TOOTBLAN was a mistake by the recent callup, Trey Lipscomb, who was the ghost runner in the 10th inning at second base and was thrown out trying to advance to third base on a hard ground ball to the first baseman that turned into a 3-3-5 double play. The A’s needed a single in the bottom of the 10th inning to score their run, and they got it with one out to walk-it-0ff.

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Game #13 could be the Nats final series in Oakland

The Washington Nationals went from San Francisco to a short trip across the bay to Oakland. With Oakland’s planned move to Sacramento before landing in Las Vegas, this could be the final series for the Nats in the Oakland Coliseum. The Nats are coming off of a nice series win in San Francisco. They have a chance to get above .500 in this series, and as they say, it all begins with a Nats’ win tonight.

The team made the expected roster move adding Amos Willingham as an extra arm in the bullpen as they decide what to do with a starter that could be needed on Monday or Tuesday unless they decide to pitch a bullpen game. Also, when the team optioned Drew Millas back on Wednesday evening, they found out that Keibert Ruiz is not feeling better from a bout with the flu. Your backup catcher tonight is Ildemaro Vargas.

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James Wood, now or later?

In one game yesterday, James Wood matched Eddie Rosario‘s hit total for the season, and then Wood beat his home run total in his final at-bat before the rains cut Thursday’s game short in the 8th inning. Wood was a triple shy of a cycle yesterday as he faced Toronto’s No. 1 prospect in lefty Ricky Tiedemann who is also the top left-handed pitching prospect in baseball.

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Early season observations on the Nats

We are just a dozen games into this 2024 baseball season, and the early results will shed just a little light on the small sample sizes of what stands out. First off, relying on three starts by Patrick Corbin, five save chances for Kyle Finnegan, and three home runs by CJ Abrams and Joey Gallo are a mixed bag to look at. WAR might be a guide to confirm that Abrams, Gallo, and Jesse Winker are your Top-3 position players, and the surprise of the early season is that Trevor Williams is your best starting pitcher by results.

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Game #12 Nats have Corbin for the San Francisco treat!

The Washington Nationals clinched a series win last night by winning the first two games in San Francisco. The Nats will go for the series sweep and a .500 record with Patrick Corbin on the mound. There is some question as to the health of Joey Gallo and Hunter Harvey who were both hit on the wrist yesterday, although the good news is that the X-Rays showed no fractures. Gallo was hit by a pitch, and Harvey by a comebacker on his glove hand. Gallo is in the starting lineup.

The team sent yesterday’s starter, Joan Adon, back to Triple-A as the team can use the day-off tomorrow to wait on going with a fifth starter. In Adon’s place, the team called up catcher Drew Millas.

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Unconventional Sports: Betting on Curling, Lacrosse, and Other Unique Canadian Pastimes

In the realm of sports betting, enthusiasts often gravitate toward mainstream leagues like football, basketball, and soccer. However, for those seeking a unique and unconventional betting experience, Canada offers a treasure trove of lesser-known sports with a devoted following. From the icy arenas of curling to the fast-paced fields of lacrosse, Canadian sports present exciting opportunities for bettors to explore new avenues and potentially score big wins. 

Introduction to lesser-known Canadian sports

Canada boasts a rich tapestry of sports that may not always grab international headlines but hold a special place in the hearts of Canadians: 

  • One such sport is lacrosse, often referred to as Canada’s national summer sport. Originating from Indigenous communities, lacrosse combines elements of skill, speed, and physicality, captivating enthusiasts nationwide. 
  • Another uniquely Canadian sport is curling, characterized by its strategic gameplay and meticulous precision. Played on ice, teams slide granite stones toward a target area, known as the “house,” while sweepers manipulate the ice’s surface to control the stone’s trajectory. 
  • Similarly, cricket has gained a foothold in Canada, particularly among immigrant communities, fostering a diverse sporting landscape reflective of the country’s multicultural fabric. 
  • Additionally, rugby holds a niche but dedicated following, with both union and league variations attracting players and fans alike.
  • The rugged terrain and harsh winters of Canada have also nurtured the growth of snowboarding and skiing, offering adrenaline-fueled thrills amidst breathtaking mountain vistas. 
  • Similarly, the sport of biathlon, which combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting, showcases Canada’s affinity for outdoor pursuits and winter sports. 
  • Furthermore, canoeing and kayaking thrive in Canada’s vast network of rivers, lakes, and coastlines, providing opportunities for leisurely paddles or competitive races. 
  • Lastly, Canadian football, distinct from its American counterpart, boasts its own league and traditions, captivating fans with its fast-paced gameplay and passionate rivalries. 

These lesser-known Canadian sports not only celebrate the country’s diversity and natural beauty but also offer avenues for community engagement, physical activity, and sporting excellence across all ages and backgrounds.

Exploration of betting options for unconventional sports fans

For unconventional sports fans seeking novel betting options at a $5 minimum deposit casino Canada, exploring alternative sports markets can offer a refreshing and exciting gambling experience. While mainstream sports like football and basketball dominate traditional sportsbooks, niche sports present unique opportunities for bettors to diversify their wagers and potentially uncover hidden gems. Betting on niche or lesser-known sports, such as lacrosse, handball, or table tennis, can provide an edge for astute bettors who have a deep understanding of these sports’ dynamics and nuances. These sports may offer less liquidity compared to mainstream markets, but they can present lucrative opportunities for those willing to conduct thorough research and analysis.

Profiles of athletes and teams in niche Canadian sports

In the world of unconventional sports, athletes and teams often fly under the radar, but their talent and dedication are no less impressive. Take, for example, teams like the Toronto Rock and Calgary Roughnecks in the National Lacrosse League, which showcase the sport’s competitive spirit and athleticism, drawing passionate fan bases across the country.

Another lesser-known Canadian sport is curling, characterized by its strategic gameplay and precise execution. Canadian curling teams, such as Team Brad Gushue and Team Rachel Homan, have achieved international success, winning numerous championships and representing Canada with pride on the global stage.

In the realm of winter sports, skeleton racing stands out as a thrilling and adrenaline-pumping discipline. Athletes like Jon Montgomery, who famously won gold at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, epitomize the dedication and courage required to excel in this high-speed sport, where competitors slide headfirst down icy tracks at speeds exceeding 100 kilometres per hour.

Moreover, Canadian rugby sevens teams have made significant strides in recent years, with both the men’s and women’s teams achieving success on the World Rugby Sevens Series circuit. Teams like Canada’s Women’s Sevens Team have showcased their talent and resilience, consistently competing against the world’s best and inspiring future generations of rugby enthusiasts.

Lastly, Canadian basketball has seen a surge in popularity, fueled by the success of rising stars like RJ Barrett and Jamal Murray in the NBA. While basketball is not traditionally considered a niche sport, its growing presence in Canada, as evidenced by the Toronto Raptors’ historic NBA championship win in 2019, highlights the country’s evolving sports landscape and the potential for further growth and success in the sport.

Tips from bettors specializing in niche Canadian sports

For bettors interested in exploring niche Canadian sports, learning from experienced individuals who specialize in these disciplines can provide valuable insights and strategies for successful wagering. Here are some tips from seasoned bettors who focus on niche Canadian sports:

  1. Research is vital: Take the time to research the rules, gameplay strategies, and recent performance trends specific to the niche sport you’re interested in betting on.
  2. Follow expert analysis: Stay updated on expert analysis and commentary from reliable sources within the niche sports community, such as coaches, athletes, and sports analysts.
  3. Understand the odds: Familiarize yourself with the betting odds and how they reflect the likelihood of various outcomes in niche Canadian sports. Look for value bets that offer favourable odds relative to the perceived probability of success.
  4. Track performance metrics: Keep track of relevant performance metrics and statistics for teams, athletes, and critical variables that can influence outcomes in niche sports events.
  5. Utilize specialized betting markets: Explore specialized betting markets tailored to niche Canadian sports, such as player prop bets, game totals, and tournament futures.
  6. Stay disciplined: Maintain discipline in your betting approach by setting realistic goals, managing your bankroll effectively, and avoiding emotional decisions.
  7. Attend live events: Whenever possible, attend live events or watch broadcasts of niche Canadian sports competitions to gain firsthand insights into the dynamics and nuances of the sport.
  8. Network with fellow bettors: Join online forums, social media groups, or local communities dedicated to niche Canadian sports betting to exchange tips, share experiences, and learn from fellow enthusiasts.

In conclusion, while mainstream sports may dominate the headlines, Canada’s lesser-known sports offer a unique and rewarding betting experience for sports enthusiasts. From curling and lacrosse to Canadian football, there’s no shortage of excitement and opportunity in niche Canadian sports betting. By exploring these unconventional sports, profiling athletes and teams, seeking tips from seasoned bettors, and embracing new opportunities, sports enthusiasts can expand their horizons and discover the thrill of betting on Canada’s unique pastimes.

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Game #11 Josiah Gray to the IL; Adon to pitch tonight!

The Washington Nationals already had Joan Adon with the team yesterday. They said he was there as part of the taxi squad. Well, was that really the whole truth? Today we found out that Adon would be pitching tonight as Josiah Gray was scratched and placed on the 15-day IL with a right elbow/forearm flexor strain retroactive to April 6.

Has Gray been pitching through pain? His 14.04 ERA after two horrific starts was painful for anyone watching as well as worrisome that something was physically wrong with Gray. For a player who has never been on the IL before, he had been a model of consistency in taking the ball every scheduled start. We asked the question about Gray’s health, even though he did not indicate any physical issue after his last start. Health is always in the myriad of possibilities. But it’s also possible that the pain just came on suddenly. More to follow on this.

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Game #10 Nats begin a long West Coast trip

The Washington Nationals flew to San Francisco last night in their new American Airlines Airbus A321-253NX that is all decked out in first class luxury. San Fran is their first leg of this West Coast swing in Oracle Park. After this series against the Giants, the Nats will then go across the bay to Oakland, and next week on Jackie Robinson Day, the Nats will finish up in Los Angeles to play the Dodgers.

Depending on what happens in the Mets game and the Phillies game, we will see if the Nats are in second, third of fourth place later tonight in the NL East as the Nats enter play today with a 3-6 record. The Nats would like to win the opening game of a series, and tonight would be a good night for that. Once again, the team will be without CJ Abrams in the starting lineup after he jammed his hand on second base in a slide on Friday. He did take BP earlier today.

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