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Opening Day: A Nationals’ Holiday indeed! Late and great and FUN!

Some want Opening Day to be a National Holiday, and for Daniel Murphy , his first Opening Day as a member of the Nationals was like a Holiday: Joyous and festive and with a lot of meaning. Murphy was 2-3 with 2 … Continue reading

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A Totally Subjective Analysis of Why the 2016 Nationals Will (Finally) Win 100 Games

I love analytics. Really. The numbers quite often confirm what we see on the field, and indeed they often explain why things are the way they are. You want to know when Bryce Harper  took that next step and became an … Continue reading

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Scherzer on the left, Roark on the right, stuck in the middle with… 3/18/16

Life is about adjustments. And sometimes, you just get very lucky and draw to that inside straight. So after a good night’s sleep and a morning workout, we had planned an afternoon visit to minor league camp to check out … Continue reading

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Danny Espinosa is not in today’s starting line-up. Will start Tuesday.

There has been rumors lately that Danny Espinosa has been playing hurt, and these just seem to be rumors as some try to explain how Espi is hitless in the entire Spring with just 1 walk and today he is … Continue reading

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The Scott Boras effect on the Washington #Nationals

The super agent Scott Boras often gets a bad ‘rap’ for squeezing every last nickel out of a deal, but that is why many players choose Boras to represent them as the number of years to maximize income in sports … Continue reading

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The Bench before and after Daniel Murphy #Nats

There was quite the discussion on Sunday on what the Washington Nationals 2016 bench could look like for 2016. Bench personnel change and evolve during the course of a 162 game season. Most fans expect Espinosa to be a starter … Continue reading

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‘Twas the night of Christmas, when all through NatsTown,

‘Twas the night of Christmas, when all through NatsTown, not a Free Agent was stirring, not even that Angelos [expletive deleted] clown. The stockings were hung by the lockers with care, in hopes that Blackmon or Span soon would be … Continue reading

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If at 2nd you don’t succeed, try try again! #Rizzo #Nats

Rizzo traded Yunel Escobar and tried to get a 2nd baseman by attempting to sign free agent Ben Zobrist and trade for Brandon Phillips. The Brandon Phillips trade could still work and in case it does not there has to … Continue reading

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Who will the #Nats starting shortstop be on April 4th 2016?

Don’t ask Lou Costello who the Nats shorstop will be on Opening Day as Bud Abbott will tell you “Who” plays 1st base and “Darn” is his shortstop.  We discussed early today what it meant to trade away Yunel Escobar, … Continue reading

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Your 2016 Washington Nationals roster, payroll, projections as of today!

Mike Rizzo wrapped up his last few hours in Nashville to pull off a trade that needed to be done at some point this off-season.  No, not Papelbon, it was Yunel Escobar who was traded from the Nats along with … Continue reading

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