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“Bryce Harper is not going anywhere”….for now!

General Manager Mike Rizzo was kind enough to send a 10-word press statement on Tuesday: “Bryce is not going anywhere. I believe in this team.” That statement from Rizzo was in response to trade rumors. While the statement was brief, … Continue reading

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Multiple opinions on Bryce Harper’s future after his magical night in HR Derby in DC

On Monday night, Nationals fans fell back in love with Bryce Harper who is the soon-to-be free agent slugger mired in a protracted funk for months for the Washington Nationals. Harper made his adopted city proud as he put on … Continue reading

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How can a pitcher tell you “All my stuff was down” when it’s just not true?

They say that the key to a bad game is having a “short memory.” Tanner Roark has mastered that well as he exited “stage right” after the show last night. He stuck around for the post-game interview and stood up … Continue reading

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4th 18-gamer: Good News and Bad News, Mostly Bad News

For previous 18 gamers, click here.  And apologies for the tardiness of this post. Life intervenes sometimes.  Plus, it was a crappy set. First the good news. Remember that asterisk (*) attached to the last 18-gamer? It’s gone. With the … Continue reading

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Bryce Harper celebrates Father’s Day in style honoring his dad Ron Harper!

For several years now, Major League baseball has been honoring fathers on Father’s Day with special apparel like the baby-blue caps and the blue ribbons attached to the jerseys. Bryce Harper has “POPS” tattooed on the inside of his right … Continue reading

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Max Scherzer is the complete ballplayer

With two outs in an inning, you are taught as a baserunner to run on contact. Max Scherzer is a complete baseball player, and he knew about running on contact with two outs. When Wilmer Difo connected in the 14th … Continue reading

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3rd 18*-gamer: A Breakout Set, Even With an Asterisk

Click here for links to previous 18-gamers. When the umps stopped the Nats’ first scheduled game against the Yankees on May 15 because of rain, little did they know what havoc they had wreaked on my 18-gamer. With the score … Continue reading

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And the envelope: The Nats best clutch hitter is….Max Scherzer!

For a batter to hit just every five days, you would expect they would get a little rusty. For Max Scherzer, he has found his groove. While his sample size is very small, his batting average is impressive especially with … Continue reading

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Trea Turner breaks-out and tops of all shortstops and #Nats players

While the media has not mentioned this, we will make note that Trea Turner according to Fangraph’s WAR is the top shortstop in the National League as well as the top positional player for the Washington Nationals as the “Nationals … Continue reading

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2nd 18 gamer: A Tale of Two Streaks

Click here for links to previous 18-gamers. When last we left the Nats, they had just escaped the first 18 games of the season with a 9-9 record by winning the first two games of a series against the then-division … Continue reading

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