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The Top-10 Free Agents on’s list and their #1 is not Bryce Harper!

When compiled their Top-10 free agents, their first pick was Manny Machado and not Bryce Harper. Sure, Harper is the second player listed, and he might end up with the larger contract in terms of dollars. When it comes … Continue reading

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2019 preview – Starting pitching #Nats

When looking at the 2018 season in the rearview mirror, my contention is that with all the issues documented daily, all the whining about this and that — the single biggest issue and the main reason the 2018 season was a … Continue reading

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You want some good news? The Nationals will be drafting the highest they have picked in 7-years!

By the way, the Washington Nationals have the 17th spot in the 2019 Draft. It could have been the 16th if the Diamondbacks won 1 more game because the Nats had the better head-to- head record as they tied wih … Continue reading

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33 days to the trade deadline; Will the #Nats be buyers or sellers?

There is no indication whatsoever that the Washington Nationals are in “sell” mode even though many disenchanted fans are doing their best imitations of traders in the pit at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange yelling “Sell Sell Sell” and it is … Continue reading

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The Bryce Harper conundrum

2018 is not yet through the month of April, but as anticipated, Bryce Harper is already the story which is dominating Washington Nationals news. The volume of Harper news will only pick up as we move through the summer months … Continue reading

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Is the Hot Stove heating up? Does it matter for the #Nats?

There are, roughly speaking, two schools of thoughts about the Washington Nationals at this juncture. Although the long, dark winter without baseball is nearly at an end, the off-season has moved very slowly for free agents. Yu Darvish, projected as … Continue reading

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The wait is almost over; Nationals’ Spring Training camp opens in 7 days

Spring Training 2018 officially opens one week from today as pitchers and catchers arrive at the Washington Nationals spring training facility at The Ballpark of the Palm Beaches in West Palm Beach, Florida. If you look at that photo (above) … Continue reading

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The Super Bowl of Hot Stove events; Mike Rizzo & Davey Martinez talk!

The Nationals hosted their Hot Stove event on Saturday at Nats Park, and it was full of tidbits of coming attractions at the ballpark and some small nuggets that GM Mike Rizzo was willing to give up to the audience.

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Revisiting an acquisition of J.T. Realmuto to the #Nats

Is today the day that Derek Jeter signs off on the trade of J.T. Realmuto? With the trade of Christian Yelich behind them, the Marlins clearly have a path to finish the house cleaning and trade the disgruntled catcher and … Continue reading

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Nats News & Notes| Four upcoming “Hot Stove” events for Nats, P-Nats, GMU & UVA

Having season tickets for the Nationals comes with privileges. You get an invitation to attend the 2018 Hot Stove Session next weekend with Mike Rizzo, Dave Martinez and Valerie Camillo. The Natioanls have asked that those fans who want to ask … Continue reading

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