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The Dog Days: Baseball’s Prime Time

About a month after the summer solstice the atmosphere gets with the program the sun has been laying down.  It gets hot, humid, and stays that way.  Life slows down just a little.  It has been that way for as … Continue reading

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A Curious History of Washington D.C. All-Star games

This year’s All Star Game will mark the fifth time that the exhibition game has been played in Washington.  There is plenty of history involved.  A listing of players involved in the games played here is long and loaded with … Continue reading

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An Odd Profession

We look at the various professions across the landscape with a mixture of acknowledgement and respect.  A Physician papers the walls with certificates and diplomas.  That age-old practice isn’t there for the Doc’s ego.  It’s to impress upon you that … Continue reading

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Mercenary Territory

The baseball world lost an iconic figure this month.  Red Schoendienst was a veritable institution.  His Hall of Fame career is inseparable from the image of him as the life-long St. Louis Cardinal.  We tend to think of old revered … Continue reading

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A Leader is…

One of the staples of Supervisory Training is an exercise where the room is broken into small groups which are tasked to independently finish the sentence, “A Leader is…”  It’s such stock-in-trade that some of us have suffered through it … Continue reading

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Into the Night

On rare days we see the introduction of a brilliant prospect taking the field for the first time.  Juan Soto’s electrifying coming out party on Monday was eagerly awaited albeit earlier than anticipated.  Such great theater is the lifeblood of … Continue reading

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Forming and Storming

Baseball teams are often misconstrued as collections of pieces and parts.  Were one to be constructing a fantasy roster this is all well and fine.  But, the fact is that real rosters are assemblages of humans.  They, in concert with … Continue reading

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Shaking the Tires for the Nats

If you’ve ever watched more than a half-hour of NHRA Top-Fuel drag racing you have probably seen a microcosm of the Nationals’ early 2018 season.  A “Top-Fuel” Dragster is a piston-powered land rocket with somewhere near 9000 horsepower just waiting … Continue reading

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Early April In Baseball

For all the romance and emotional hope attached to it, spring should have better manners.  After a winter of darkness and cold the anticipation was for warm sunshine and gentle breezes.  But, with all the gangly awkwardness of a teen … Continue reading

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Moving the Rock

Here in the cold dreariness of early spring we await the joy that is Opening Day.  The road ahead is, as always, unclear.  What we do know is that warmth is coming, the daily rhythm of the game will be … Continue reading

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