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First Fortnight

On the eve of the season’s start, I discussed how a week of the baseball season is equivalent to a mile in a marathon.  The first fortnight of the season represents the first two miles.  It’s an interesting place in … Continue reading

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Winter’s Dream For A Baseball Fan

In our minds is an image that has been nurtured by the cold, dark evenings of an interminable winter.  Our young men bound out of the dugout wearing bridal veil white uniforms into the blinding sunshine set against impossibly green … Continue reading

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Hopes and Fears, Washington Baseball

“When I was a kid my father used to say, ‘Our greatest hopes and worst fears are seldom realized.”—Jim McKay, ABC Sports We arrive, finally, at Spring.  Regardless of the relative mildness of the past winter there is a definitive … Continue reading

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Home Field Advantage?

If you’ve spent the last week or so fretting about whether the Nats win “Home Field Advantage” you may want to re-think it.  A quick analysis of the past 21 years of National League Division Series indicates that Home Field … Continue reading

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Tiny Margins And The Math And Science Of Baseball

Football may be a game of inches.  But, baseball is a game of millimeters.  A baseball bat may not exceed 2.61 inches in diameter (66 millimeters).   The ball itself is bigger at 2.86-2.94 inches in diameter (nominally 74 mm).  So, … Continue reading

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Time Warp: The Spectacle of Bryce Harper and Brian Knight

In the odd juxtaposition between reality and baseball, arguably the biggest name in the sport [Bryce Harper] was nominally suspended on the very day his franchise was providing him an honor. If this feels like a recovered draft of a … Continue reading

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The Old Red Hat with the Curly W #Nats

As Spring beckons and the players work through Training it’s also time to say “Good Bye” to what feels like an old friend. The old red hat started out as a stadium purchase in 2012. It was clean, beautiful, and … Continue reading

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The Future of Pitching

Peeling back the curtain a bit we are being afforded a glimpse into the future of pitching.  It is being provided by a team of biomechanics researchers.  What they’ve found has strong implications downstream.  However, it’s only a small part … Continue reading

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The Desmond Gamble

It’s fall of 2013.  Ian Desmond is 27 and is coming off his best year ever.  He had hit 24 Home Runs, stolen 24 bases, carried a nice WAR of +3.6, and had two years remaining before Free Agency.  The … Continue reading

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About Those Braves…

Watching the Mets in the Division Series is like _________________ (fill in the blank.) Please remember this is a PG-rated site. But, there is one slight silver lining: It isn’t watching the Braves. So long, Turner Field. See you all … Continue reading

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